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Prince2 Study Partner?

Tweet Hi All I have just started studying for my prince2 exam (first one). I was looking for a study partner with whome I can swap notes and ask each other questions, test each other etc. Ideally oneone in the UK would be good. I am from west london, UK. Thank you F Tweet

Project Management : Prince2?

Tweet Hi, I’m hoping to do my PRINCE2 certification, can someone please recommend a book that has an exam focus? i.e. it provides chapters based on what will be tested and has sample questions. Thanks. Tweet

Study Material Of Prince2 Foundation?

Tweet Hi, if anybody has Study Material of Prince2 Foundation, please forward it to khusheelbajaj@yahoo.com Thanks !!! Tweet

Prince2 Exam In India?

Tweet Dear All: I wish to prepare and attempt PRINCE2 Exam in India. Can anyone tell me how to appear for the PRINCE2 Exam? Is this exam can be attempted at a Prometric Center? If not, kindly give me detailed information for PRINCE2 Exam in India. Best Regards, Vijay Tweet

Prince2 Exam?

Tweet I am interested in taking the Prince2 Foundation Exam and planning for the self study for the same. Can you please provide pointer for the study material or links for the same. Tweet

Which It Qualifications Are Currently The Most Sought After? Prince2 Etc?

Tweet I think it depends on the actual job as to what is wanted. I know that in project management, where I’m trying to get a job, that everyone asks for PRINCE2 so for me that’s the most important qualification! Tweet

Which Is The Best Project Management Qualification: Pmp Or Apmp Or Prince2?

Tweet My hubby is in the middle of re-training and thought for a while about going into project management. By far and away the best qualification is the PRINCE2. It is the best known and is the most often asked for. Try looking for jobs adverts that you are interested in and see which qualification...

Msc In Project Management Or Qualifications Such As Prince2/apm?

Tweet Hi, I have BSc in Computer Engineering plus some technical IT qualifications (MCSE,CCNA) and been working in the technical field for 5 years, I would like to switch to IT Project Management considering my current career risk caused by outsourcing IT jobs to abroad, can you advise which is better...

Prince2 Project Management?

Tweet I am finishing now a PhD in physics but would like to change from academia to project management and it was thinking of doing a Prince2 training. Is the qualification worthwhile? thanks! Tweet

Give Me A Link To Download A Pdf Or Doc About Product Breakdown Structure Of Prince2?

Tweet There you go:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_bre…http://experts.about.com/e/p/pr/Product_…http://www.apmgroup.co.uk/nmsruntime/sav… Tweet

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