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 Can I Refuse Orders From Within My State To Avoid Tax Collection For My Web-based Only Business? | PM Tools - PM Tools

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Can I Refuse Orders From Within My State To Avoid Tax Collection For My Web-based Only Business?

Ok..so I’ve developed a product that I plan to sell online only, no brick and mortar. From what I’ve read at the comptroller site I would be required to tax only the sales to fellow residents in my state.
1. So…..to avoid the paperwork and hassle, can’t I just refuse to ship/service my states online customer?
I hate doing that, but I haven’t even had a test run of my product yet, and really don’t want to file for a tax# right now.
I could easily sell on ebay and not worry about it, but I think ebay is greedy based on what they charge for their stores, listing fees, final value fees, etc..
2. How would the state even know I exist if I’m not a corporation, and I don’t have a DBA? I know I can be found on the WHOIS listing for the domain registration, but..that can be hidden too…for a fee! :)
3. Is there a way to set up a shopping cart that would automatically refuse a certain states order?

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