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What is Itil V2?

What is ITIL v2?

ITIL® stands for the IT Infrastructure Library.  It emerged  during the 1980’s in the UK as a set of high level processes for providing consistent, low risk IT service management to an organisation.  The copyright is owned by the Office of Government Commerce [OGC (formerly known as CCTA)] and is covered in several publications from the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The core ITIL v2 (IT Infrastructure Library) components are contained within two main publications – ITIL Service Support & ITIL Service Delivery.  Additional OGC publications include: 

Planning to Implement Service Management

Service Support  

Service Delivery  

The Business Perspective

Applications Management

ICT Infrastructure Management

Security Management

All the above ITIL v2 material is available as a set of books and on CD. The latter may be purchased for stand alone or networked use.  To purchase these books or CD sets, go to our bookshop and use the search function.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) published the Code of Practice for IT Service Management in 1998 (PD0005) and subsequently the British Standard (BS15000) was launched in November 2000. Both publications are based entirely on the ITIL guidelines, particularly focusing on Service Support & Delivery. BS15000 as at 2007 was replaced by ISO 20000 – The international Standard for IT Service Management.  Publications from both the BSI and OGC are complementary sets.

The 11 core ITIL v.2 components (functions and process areas) are:

Service Support –

Service Desk Customer-facing and focused on its main objectives which are to drive and improve service to and on behalf of the business. Operationally, its objective is to provide a single point of contact (SPOC) providing advice, guidance and the rapid restoration of normal services to its Customers and Users.

IITIL Incident Management An incident is defined as ‘any event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes, or may

cause, an interruption to, or a reduction in, the quality of that service’.   The aim of the Incident Management Process is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimise the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained. 

ITIL Problem Management Meant to be both reactive and proactive.  It’s goal is to minimise the adverse impact of Incidents and Problems (that require root cause analysis) on the business that are caused by errors within the IT infrastructure and, to prevent recurrence of these errors.

ITIL Configuration Management Provides a logical model of the infrastructure or a service by identifying, controlling, maintaining and verifying the versions of Configuration Items (CIs) in existence e.g., desktop PCs, Printers, Servers.

ITIL Change Management The purpose of CM is to ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimise the impact of change-related Incidents on service quality.  Risk Management.

ITIL Release Management Plans and oversees the successful rollout of software and related hardware.

Service Delivery –

ITIL Service Level Management The name given to the process of planning, co-ordinating, agreeing, monitoring and reporting on SLAs – internally with the business or externally with 3rd party providers.  Additionally, the on-going review of service achievements ensuring the required service quality is maintained and gradually improved.  SLAs provide the basis for managing the relationship with the Customer.

ITIL Financial Management for IT Services Incorporates budgeting, IT Accounting and Charging.  Enables the organisation to fully account for the spend on IT services and to attribute these costs to the services delivered to the organisation’s Customers. To assist management decisions on IT investment by providing detailed business cases for changes to IT services.

ITIL Capacity Management Is the focal point for all IT performance and capacity issues.  Though other technicians may do most of the work, overall responsibility lies with the Capacity Management process (both operational and developmental).  Including; all hardware, all networking equipment, all peripherals, all software and personnel.

ITIL IT Service Continuity Management Supports the overall Business Continuity Management process by ensuring that the required IT technical and services facilities – including computer systems, networks, applications, telecommunications, technical support and Service Desk – can be recovered within required, and agreed, business timescales.

ITIL Availability Management The main goal is to optimise the capability of the IT Infrastructure, services and supporting organisation to deliver a cost effective and sustained level of availability that enables the business to satisfy business objectives.

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