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 Using Time Management To Aggressively Attack And Destroy Stress | PM Tools - PM Tools

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Using Time Management To Aggressively Attack And Destroy Stress

Your career is suffering from not using time management aggressively to manage stress. You are missing promotions and raises, because you are spending your time defending against stress instead of attacking it.  This pain is caused by using time management basically the wrong way.  Too many time management in the workplace seminars teach you to just make To Do lists and then prioritize them.  A proper time management system will not only prioritize your tasks, but allow you to defend your To Do list against interruptions and crises, since those are a huge source of stress.  Nothing you have been doing can alleviate this pain.  This is why you have been passed over for promotions and raises.

Using time management within a complete stress management system can really make you stand out at work.  The type of leadership that is being looked for today is the type of leadership that prevents problems.  Using time management to prevent workplace anxiety instead of just reacting to it keeps the workplace running smoothly.  You can learn a new way to manage your time and your tasks, to prevent stress.  And when you prevent stress, you are spending more time finding the opportunities in stressful situations.

Here are 5 ways to use time management to turn stress into opportunities.

If you don’t use aggressive time management, your being passed over for promotions and raises will get worse.  Without a time management system that removes stress, your time will continue to be chewed up by fighting stress.  This means that the bad health effects of stress will be magnified by the bad emotional effects of stress.  You think it will be painful to change your time management system.  It will be much more painful not to.

You have seen how time management is an integral part of a comprehensive stress management system.  But many times, your time management system becomes a source of stress instead of part of what to do to relieve stress.  This is because most time management systems do not allow you enough time to handle your tasks and any interruptions.  That’s like planning to travel by plane in winter, but not considering that flights might be delayed from snow or ice.  Using a  comprehensive stress management system which includes time management throughout will eliminate missing promotions and give you more recognition at work.


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