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 Time Management – The Key To Opening Success In Your Life | PM Tools - PM Tools

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Time Management – The Key To Opening Success In Your Life

Focus is a key component when it comes to time management. Loss and gain can be achieved when it comes to implementing the use of time management. Many individuals have heard of the “Pareto Principle”. Perhaps you have not heard this term used? It is the same as the “80:20 Rule”. This little rule actually makes a lot of sense when it comes to time management. It states that when an individual puts forth the effort to do something, and it is not managed appropriately in the terms of “time”, 80% of that activity will only produce approximately 20% of the results intended. Then, if you flip the coin, and do something that is managed appropriately in the terms of “time”, then it will produce 80% of the results with only 20% of effort put into it. This rule clearly outlines the fact that time well managed is time that is more productive.
Many individuals fail in the area of time management simply because their perception of this concept is out of line with what is appropriate. These individuals often view time management as a restrictive set of rules that must be adhered to or less negative consequences will arise. When this type of outlook is taken, it often results in failure. While it is important to understand that there are many core essentials when it comes to time management, these are not meant to be negative, but constructive. Some of the core essentials include scheduling time as appropriate and necessary, setting goals that are relative to the outcome that you wish to achieve, creative planning, and being able to prioritize appropriately.
When it comes to being successful in time management, it is important to know and understand that certain skills are required in order to succeed. Not only are these skills important to the success of time management, but they are also important when it comes to growing as an individual. These skills include the following:
- The ability to make decisions
- A high level of emotional intelligence
- Skills in critical thinking
- Multitasking skills
If you have a good grasp on the skills mentioned above, you are more likely to succeed when it comes to time management skills.
Time management can be included in every single aspect of your life. It is important to appropriately balance both your personal and professional life when attempting to manage your time. If you make a point to do this, you will be much more effective in every area. Many do not realize that it is actually necessary to take the time to make sure that there is a delicate balance between their personal time, as well as their professional time. If you manage one, the other will simply fall into place. Just remember, the secret to managing your time does not rest in the ability to stay busy, it rests in the ability to produce results in every single aspect of your life!
There are generally six areas that personal and business coaches focus on when individuals seek professional assistance for time management development. These areas include the following:
1. The Physical
2. Social
3. Career
4. Intellectual
5. Spiritual
6. Emotional
If you are attempting to increase your time management skills, it is important that you focus on these six areas as well. By doing so, you will find that it is relatively easy to accomplish all that you set out to each and every single day.
The following details steps that you can take in order to get a better grasp on your time:
1. First, it is always important to plan in advance. At the bare minimum, it is important that you carefully outline the things that you must do each day, prior to starting your day.
2. When planning your day, it is essential that you prioritize your tasks.
3. If you must, keep a detailed list of the things that you must complete during the day in order to ensure that you do not lose track of your time.
4. Learn to say “no” to commitments that you find will hinder your productivity and time.
If you follow the tips listed here, you will soon find that managing your time is a simple task.

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of My-Personal-Growth.com, a site that provides information and articles for self improvement and personal growth and development.
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